How to Get a Radical Makeover With A Pixie Cut

Your hairstyle involves a whole process of progression from the period of growth to the way it becomes more manageable and silky. It is also one of the things that you must take care of as part of an image because it is one of the things that most people notice as a first impression. It […]

5 Steps that You Can’t Skip when Creating a Makeup Look

Makeup is not a process written in stone because although you repeat the same routine, your face can look different every day. It is a question of attitude. It is a choice to apply what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and unique on a daily basis. However, there are 5 things that you can not […]


Here are 10+ tattoo effect wedding dresses; from Wedding Forward This modern wedding dress with tattoo effect style is defined by gorgeous backs where the tattoo look is a result of layering delicate lace and tulle to decorate your skin with most incredible patterns. Tattoo effect wedding dresses have been added to collections of top […]

10 Bold Makeup Looks That Any Skin Tone Can Rock

Here are 10 bold makeup looks; from Society 19 Here’s the truth about makeup: anyone can wear whatever kind of makeup they want and it will look fabulous. If you want to wear orange eyeshadow with purple lipstick, do it. If it’s a Tuesday afternoon and you’re going to the grocery store and that iridescent highlighter is […]

14 Easy Ways to Hairstyle your Short Hair

Here are 14 ideas to hairstyle your short hair; from Short Haircut Each hairstyle has its characteristics and it can be worn as per the needs of an individual. There are so many cute hairstyles you can try this summer and enjoy them. We offer you to explore our list of Cute And Easy Hairstyles […]

Summer Outfits That Every Lady Needs To Add To The List

Here are some summer outfits; from Glaminati  Warm weather is something that most of us are waiting for during the months that are not summery ones. However, when the time comes, it turns out that the trends have changed and when it comes to your summer outfits – you have nothing to wear! Worry not! […]