30 Popular Short Blonde Hairstyles

Here are 30 popular short blonde hairstyles, from Short-Haircut:  Blonde hair is still one of top hairstyles that ladies look up. Every year there is always a new trend for blonde haircuts, including the short one. To make you easier to find a perfect short blonde hair for you, we give you 30 popular short blonde hair in this year. […]

10 Ways Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Dress Choice Might Surprise Us

10 Ways Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Dress Choice Might Surprise Us, from Wedding Inspirasi: Do you have a feeling that Meghan Markle will surprise us with her choice of wedding dress(es)? After all, most of the royal wedding details that have been revealed so far — like her father-in-law-to-be Prince Charles walking her down the aisle, and […]

7 Design Tricks You Can Do With Mirrors

Here are 7 design tricks you can do with mirrors, from Apartment Therapy: The idiom is called “smoke and mirrors” for a reason. Whether your goal is to seemingly cut a body in half or just make a small room appear larger, mirrors are a great way to trick the mind into believing that things are […]

23 Creative Outdoor Wedding Ideas to Try

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Cute Girls Choice: Short Haircuts

Check out the cute girls choice: short haircuts, from Short-Haircut:  The early teenage years are a beautiful period where you begin to realize who you are and what you want in terms of fashion. Short haircut looks for girls are a beautiful way you can express yourself as a teenage girl. Short haircut is a perfect way you can […]

5 Swimsuits You’ll Love for Summer

Here are 5 swimsuits you will love for summer, from Glam Radar:  Summer’s just right around the corner, though if you’re in warmer and more tropical places, it may already feel like it has begun. If you’re gearing up for summer, start looking for the perfect swimsuit now. Here are a few ones that might help […]