5 Tips on How to Match Your Makeup for Your Skin Tone Perfectly

  Here are 5 tips on how to match your makeup for your skin tone perfectly, from Styles Weekly: Matching your makeup to your skin tone can be a difficult feat. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect shade, there’s a good chance it might appear off in certain lightings or environments. Makeup that doesn’t […]

7 Tips for Achieving a Natural Glow Through Highlighting


Here are 7 tips for achieving a natural glow through highlighting, from Styles Weekly: Highlighting has recently gained increased popularity as a makeup trend; many high-end and drugstore makeup companies have launched new highlighter products and even full lines of highlighters to meet the rising consumer demand for these products. Highlighters claim to help users achieve […]

2016 Spring / Summer Makeup Trends


Here are some 2016 spring/summer makeup trends, from Fashion Trend Seeker: 2016 Spring / Summer Makeup Trends. While winter is typically a great time to go bolder when it comes to the makeup world, spring is ideal for going a tad more natural. Lighter hues when it comes to lipstick and eyeshadow with light weight […]

9 Makeup Tricks That Make Your Eyes Look Brighter


Your eyes, in addition to often being considered the ‘windows to your soul’, also are many times the first thing people notice about your appearance. And your makeup choice generally is critical to achieving an attractive look with gorgeous, glowing skin, flush cheeks and flawless makeup being the goal of most fashionistas. We have presented several […]