15 Wedding Hair Accessories You Haven’t Seen Before

Here are 15 wedding hair accessories; from Brides Most brides want the main focus of their bridal look to be their wedding dress. That’s totally fair. But your other big-day accessories need some love, too! It would be a shame to put so much energy into the dress that you end up with capital-B-basic accessories, […]

Trendy Bag Styles that You Need to Finish this Year

A lot of bag styles dominate women’s wardrobes and they are never enough! In recent months fashion has left behind the idea that women can only use wallets and has even included in a more fashionable way the fact of using backpacks and belt bags. The fashion design industry has exploited their creativity and has […]

10 Jewelry Proposals for Future Brides

One of the things that is an important part of the list of any future bride are the bridal accessories. Today we present some jewelry proposals for future brides. Usually bridal dresses have many applications and details that attract the attention of anyone who sees them. But because it is the day of YOUR wedding […]

25 Non-Traditional Bridal Looks That Inspire

Here are 25 non traditional bridal looks that inspire; from Weddingomania If you don’t feel like a traditional wedding gown, if you are tired of seeing more or less the same wedding dresses, choose your own outfit to stand out. There are many bold ideas that will help you create a bright statement look: colorful […]

12 Cute Autumn Accessories You Need To Get

Here are 12 autumn accessories you need to get; from Society 19 Autumn is a new season, therefore a chance to change things up from the previous Summer months. Nights get darker and colder, as the trees turn to red and oranges. Accessories are the perfect place to start when you’re transitioning your wardrobe and […]

The Best 10 Bags To Carry Your School Stuff In That Aren’t Backpacks

Check out the best 10 bags to carry your school stuff in, from Society 19 I don’t know about you, but up until I started college I picked out a new school bag every year. Sometimes they were traditional backpacks and sometimes they were not. I feel like everyone nowadays, especially college students, only carry around […]