How to Style a Curly Short Haircut

How to Style a Curly Short Haircut

A short haircut is now the must-have hairstyle of the time! When you are looking for ideas on Instagram or Pinterest you get hundreds of results but you know what, mostly for girls with wavy or straight hair. And for curly hair girls? Very few ideas give short curly hair girls confidence to make look […]

Euphoria Makeup, The New Trend You Can’t Miss

Euphoria Makeup, The New Trend You Can't Miss

There are many good messages in Euphoria’s first season, the HBO television show that has all the public euphoric! From the point of view of a teenage mind, issues such as drugs, sexual identity, gender violence, among others of current interest are addressed. Starring the iconic Zendaya (who doesn’t even need a last name) this […]

The Most Delicious Macarons Flavors, For You To Try Right Now!

The Funniest Flavor Mixes to Make Your Macarons0

Macarons are traditional French sweets, a kind of cream-filled cookies, made with egg white, ground almonds, and sugar. Macarons are not only distinguished by their delicious flavor but also by their fantastic colors. If one day you travel to the beautiful city of Paris, the capital of France, you will surely run into these sweets […]

7 Embroidery Tattoos That Even Your Grandma Will Love!

8 Embroidery Tattoos That Even Your Grandma Will Love!

Embroidered tattoos with realistic effects are the new trend in tattoo studios, and they are causing a stir similar to what watercolor tattoos once had. The designs of embroidered tattoos are so detailed, that they really achieve the realistic effect of having threads cooked to your skin, it’s just amazing. A very good optical illusion artwork. […]

Bye Bye Coffin Nails, Welcome Almond Nails!

Bye Bye Coffin Nails, Welcome Almond Nails!

Until a few months ago, blogs and instagram feeds were full of manicure artists that showed their coffin nails designs. But why is this design not being so popular? It’s just time to say bye-bye coffin nails, welcome almond nails! A new nail design has displaced coffin nails and honestly, it’s good that something new […]

Try These 10 Delicious Summer Soups That Anyone Can Make!

Try these 10 delicious summer soups that anyone can make!1

With these temperatures, likely, eating a bowl of soup is not one of the first ideas in your head when lunchtime is approaching. But that is because you have not yet tasted any of these delicious cold summer soups that we bring especially for you. A cold soup is a culinary preparation that, being liquid […]