Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower

Beautiful Compact Mirrors For Your Bridal Shower3

The celebration of a wedding is more than the union of two people in love, there are two whole families that come together as one. And our favorite part is all the celebrations and meetings prior to the big day. One of the most important and relaxing for the bride to be is usually her Bridal […]

How to Set the Perfect Tablescape during the Fall Season

How to Set the Perfect Tablescape during a Fall Season

If you’re organizing a dinner with family or friends, a party, a brunch or any activity that requires you to organize centerpieces or tablescapes, stop to observe the color palettes that you need to consider this season. A perfect tablescape during this fall season could create a better experience for your guests, who will even […]

5 Wedding favors you’ll see again when you visit your friends


Let’s see the 5 Wedding favors list that you’ll see again when you visit your friends. Keep scrolling down and don’t forget to pin your favorite idea!   5. Personalized Lip Balm -for a Winter Wedding- Everyone can use another lip balm when it’s cold outside (I lose them like pennies).  But, a yummy pucker […]

Try the latest from the famous #DippingNails

Try the latest from the famous #DippingNails

Have you heard of this new manicure technique that seems sent by the gods? We have investigated the opinion of experts to know what this novelty is about. To start, what do we find behind the hashtag #dippingnails? A mani that’s supposedly easy to DIY and lasts longer than gel nail polish. Could you believe […]

Follow the rose gold decor trend for your bridal shower

Follow rose gold decor for your bridal shower

Are you aware of the number of products that have come to replace the elegance that gold gave them with those that the rose gold now has? It’s absurd! This color has taken over the decorating ideas. It’s a charming hue while remaining elegant and sober. The combinations that can start from it can become […]

Fun Ideas For a Cute Tutu Birthday Party

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Little girls often dream of becoming ballerinas, so on your little one’s birthday, why not make her the prima ballerina for one day? A Tutu birthday party is the perfect opportunity to give your beautiful daughter a special day, from invitations to the most beautiful tutu for your daughter, so she will be the queen […]